TrendStyle – New Releases Week 01/12

*TrendStyle* Sexy Mini Dress with Jacket (black) – also available in pink,red and silver – 48 hour Offer-89 L$

*TrendStyle* Nadia (black) – also available in gold,pink,silver and teal – 60 Linden Weekend Offer


TrendStyle – New Releases Week 01/12

TrendStyle – New Releases Week 01/12

NEW*TrendStyle* Cocktail Dress Carissa black – also available gold,magenta,silver,tuerkis – 60 Linden Weekend Offer

NEW*TrendStyle* Cocktail Dress Kalyn rose – Offer of the Month-only 49 L$

Get it here


TrendStyle – New Releases Week 52

NEW*TrendStyle* Cocktail Dress Isis (black,red,gold) – other colors (silver,isis rose) at the store – 60 Linden Weekend Offer


TrendStyle’s L A S T special offer for Christmas

~~~  Christmas Dream ~~~

for well-prized  79 LD, yesss only 79 LD *** a hot bodysuit in different shiny colors (gold, green-gold, red, green-red and creme ), patterned with cute snowflakes & framed with white fur *** lovesome matching neck bow and long gloves with white border *** net leggings in mellow tints round the picture out ~~~ Christmas Dream ~~~ for only 79 LD   Get it here

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TrendStyle – New Releases Week 50

It sets attractive accents =
☼☼  hot open jeans jacket (short sleeves, front pockets, zipper, cuffs, chains on upper back side)
☼☼  sexy bra, which is connected with silver chains and collar
☼☼  peaked cap is also decorated with a chain
☼☼  fancy but sporty fingerless gloves
☼☼  jeans pants – with matching thong & chains on left side presents narrow pant legs for the possiblity to wear boots – has a belt with silver belt buckle
..·:::··  ROCK ME   ..·:::·· a Must Have for a lot of opportunities ..·:::··  60 LD  ..·:::··

Get it here

TrendStyle – New Releases Week 44

*TrendStyle* Sweater & Jeans Lucky Girl blue – comes with blue and grey shirt – other colors (purple and red) – 60 Linden Weekend Offer

NEW*TrendStyle* Pant & Hoodie black – comes with pants,bandeau and hoddie up/down – other colors (grey and white) –

TrendStyle – New Releases Week 43

*TrendStyle* Casual Outfit Abbie (blue,pink,mint) – other colors (lilac,white) at the store – 60 LInden Weekend Offer

*TrendStyle* Halloween – Baby and Witch

*TrendStyle* Halloween – Doll and Lady of Darkness

Halloween Outfits – Low Letter Offer – 75 L$

Thank you very much to Diana for the nice pics

TrendStyle – New Releases Week 42

*TrendStyle* Mini Jumper (black) – other colors at the store – 60 Linden Weekend Offer

*TrendStyle* Gown Romantic Queen (red) – Low Letter Offer-only 75 L$

TrendStyle – New Releases Week 41

❍⦁ ⦁❍⦁ ⦁❍   $60L Weekends   ❍⦁ ⦁❍⦁ ⦁❍
TrendStyle’s offer for ~~ 60 LD ~~ once again a complete outfit, only a short time = black bra, hooded sweatshirt with sculpted short sleeves –  closed (only a little bit *oh lala) with zipper, trendy sunglasses, white belt, dark blue jeans with legbottom AND white sneakers. This outfit is available in 3 colours, black, red and white

TrendStyle Mainstore


TRENDSTYLE’S  ❖∷∷∷∷∷❖  TrendStyle – Dress Sweat Chirra  ❖∷∷∷∷∷❖

for 69 LD ❖  dress with sculpted top & skirt  ❖  in warm mauve, sexy red or hot black ❖

TrendStyle Mainstore

TrendStyle – New Releases Week 35

*~*  TrendStyle Group Gift September  *~*  longer red top in shiny cloth, white neckholder & white border on bottom, dark blue jeans with little decorative stitchings

TrendStyle Mainstore

LOW = TRENDSTYLE’S  ❖∷∷∷∷∷❖  Sexy  G I N A  ❖∷∷∷∷∷❖  for 79 LD  ❖  skin-tight body suit  ❖  top & „hot-pants“ in shimmery fabric  ❖  in cool silver, sexy pink or hot black  ❖  closed with a long zipper  ❖  plunging V-neckline & very low-cut back  ❖  wearing with / without net leggings  ❖  incl. high heel BOOTS  ❖  incl. JEWELRY = 2  bracelets & a pearl necklace with 3 different silver pendants

TrendStyle’s 60 LD Weekends =  (`’·.¸  Every Day  ¸.·’´)  light knitted dress for the approaching cooler days in 4 various colors  (`’·.¸  Every Day  ¸.·’´)  sweater with long sleeves, V-neck, cuffs and matching pleated skirt

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